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Rallies across B.C. in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en pipeline blockades

Dow Jones DNA.

DJIA overview: news and data on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, from MarketWatch. Real-time quote of the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) and broader market information from CNNMoney.

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US and Asian markets retreated overnight as optimism over the Spanish bailout fizzled out, to be replaced once again by contagion fears. Asian indices fell overnight, mirroring losses in the US and Europe, over fears about the impact a Greek exit from the single currency could have on the rest of the region.

Dow Jones has launched a European version of its US Dow Jones Industrial Average, marking the latest stage of expansion in the benchmarks it offers that encompass the Continent. Events Market Intelligence Newsletters. Sign up to receive email alerts about our events Sign up. Cheering, not fearing, a rate hike? Equities 07 January Equities 02 January Slight decline in Swiss fund market volume in May The volume of assets placed in investment funds covered by the statistics in May came to some CHFbn, down just under CHF4bn month-on-month.

Dow Jones Indexes adds forward-looking analysis in new benchmark Dow Jones Indexes has taken a decisive step onto the turf traditionally held by discretionary managers by establishing a benchmark based on forward-looking rankings provided by Parala Capital LLP, using macro-economic factors. Peter Thiel-backed pot stock Tilray surges. Carlos Ghosn indicted on new charges in Tokyo. Ghosn's wife is worried about her husband's health in 'harsh conditions'.

Shareholder sues Alphabet board over handling of harassment. Why the National Enquirer says it decided to investigate Jeff Bezos. These are some of the world's most expensive divorces. Tesla drops cheapest versions of the Model S and Model X.

Jaguar Land Rover is slashing 4, jobs. Ford is shedding thousands of jobs in Europe. SpaceX set to launch final batch of next-generation satellites.

What Jeff Bezos' divorce could mean for Amazon. This inventor of 'useless things' has 2 million fans. Perspectives 4 signs a company is a good employer for women. Challenges of being the only woman at work. Her clothes are keeping female construction workers and firefighters safe. How toxic ideas about masculinity corrode the workplace. But at work, a culture of silence keeps women quiet. Special Report The future of the internet is Indian.

Analysis Apple needs a cheap iPhone to crack India. A helicopter app to tackle Mumbai's traffic. Dispatch My journey from India's Silicon Valley to its 'no network' zone. Hyundai's latest concept car can 'walk'. LG says these are the TVs of the future.

More than 1 million people subscribe to this electric toothbrush startup. How to pull yourself out of a work rut. The world's richest couple is divorcing. That doesn't mean there will be drama.

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We just happen to be in a period where we have a greater number of economic challenges than we are used to having.

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