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Renditen 10-jähriger Staatsanleihen

"verzinsen" English translation.

Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden über die Staatsanleihen Renditen in Thailand, inklusive der Rendite, dem täglichen Höchst- und Tiefstkurs und prozentualer Veränderung jeder Anleihe. Im Normalfall sind Laufzeit, Stückelung und Zinssatz (= Kupon) festgelegt. Länder nutzen Staatsanleihen (englischer Begriff: Bonds), um sich auf dem Kapitalmarkt frisches Geld zu beschaffen.

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Der Wert einer Staatsanleihe bemisst sich nach der Bonität des Landes. In Abhängigkeit von der Bonität des Staates und dem Rating, muss der hier betroffene US-Staat für seine Staatsanleihen.

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In addition, the accrued interest on the government bond amounted to 9,2 billion ISK. Die Epidemie endet erst als die Regenzeit die Kanäle auswäscht. The hospital was founded in by funds of Captain Thomas Hall, a sailor, and operated by Dr. In the facility was expanded to additional 30 beds and became known as the "Annex". But part of the clinic continued its operation under the direction of Nai Pleng, a medical assistant, and a Romanian physician Dr.

In overseas staff returned to the Hospital. In , a Bachelor of Science in Nursing was begun and accredited. Two years of pre-clinical studies are on the Muak Lek, A.

In School of Midwifery and School of Nursing were officially opened. In the total bed capacity was increased to In the Hospital adopted the name "Bangkok Adventist Hospital". The new Ralph Waddell Wing to expand patients accommodation was opened in At the 50th anniversary of the facility, a new Pleng Vitiamalaksna building was established to provide beds for Obstetric and Pediatrics along with some auxiliary services.

Currently, the hospital is undergoing extensive physical renovation. Projected completion date is. In the hospital received about patients and treated , outpatients. At present Bangkok Adventist Hospital has employees and about 90 medical staff.

Besides accommodating and treating patients in its rooms, the Hospital runs a Mobile Clinic equipped with X-ray unit, which is frequently applied for charitable medical actions. The slogan of the Hospital is "Come Feel the Difference", which means difference in quality of service, equipment, spiritual atmosphere, good food, qualification of physicians. The declared mission is "to share God's love through innovative delivery of healthcare".

Currently the hospital is not subject to scrutiny though international healthcare accreditation. Zum zwölften Mal innerhalb von sieben Jahren werden die Zolltarife geändert. Titelblatt einer Ausgabe Its alliance with us would bring the people of India out in open revolt and leave Singapore in a precarious position. Fortunately, we gained the goodwill of Siam over the last to-i vote in the League of Nations.

But the Japanese people, though conscious that they have her goodwill, do not realize how valuable it might be to them in connexion with operations against Singapore and in the South China Seas in the coming war with England.

We must bear in mind that our relations with her have their strategical as well as their commercial side. Lage von Bandung [Bildquelle: The numbers of Chinese brothels and prostitutes have become considerably smaller. This circumstance has been partly due to the economic depression and partly to the stricter control of immigration.

In answer to a question for further information this representative said: In past years the majority of those who frequented brothels were Chinese from Hainan whose women seldom migrated with their men. The number of Hainanese female immigrants who have become more domestic in their habits has increased.

This is believed to have an indirect effect on the traffic. During the same period Chinese brothels decreased from to 63 and the number of women from to The following statement was made: It should be noted that out of the total of seventy provinces in the whole Kingdom of Siam there are only four, including the capital city of Bangkok, in which tolerated or licensed brothels exist.

In each of the three interior provinces, however, the number of prostitutes are only to be numbered by tens. The Committee above referred to have already submitted an ad interim report recommending gradual abolition. The Chinese in Thailand. Erstausgabe der englischsprachigen Tageszeitung Siam Chronicle.

Sie ist in siamesischem Besitz, aber USA-freundlich. Bald darauf erscheint eine siamesische Ausgabe: Wenn die Neue Regierung Erfolg haben soll, muss sie "apply dictatorship". Der Aufsatz erregt Aufsehen und Befürchtungen. Eine chinesische Handelsdelegation kommt nach Siam "to interpret China to our Siamese friends".

In Bangkok wird eine China-Siam Society gegründet. Die Delegation spendet 1. Dies führt zu einem Erstarken der kommunistischen Bewegungen in Französisch Indochina. Africa Orientale Italiana, [Bildquelle: Instituto Geographico Militare, A second question was: A third question was: This circumstance has been partly due to the economic depression, and partly to the stricter control of immigration.

As an example of the latter, three cases of offences against the Traffic in Women and Girls Act, , involving four traffickers and nine victims have been discovered since last April. The offenders in the last case were sentenced to three years imprisonment.

A fourth question was: In a later question it was asked if there were women officials who might share in the work for women. The system of compulsory education for both sexes and the improvement of the status of women who now have the right to vote, and the opportunity of governmental or commercial employment, are important contributions.

The ground is thus prepared for more specialized welfare work in which women especially can play a more important role. A certain number of women are already in the police force, but for this aspect of welfare work special training and experience are essential. During the same period Chinese brothels decreased from to 63, and the women from to in number.

After that information the following note is given: League of Nations Bulletin. Chinesen überlegen, für ihre Kinder chinesische Schulen in Malaya zu errichten. Twin loyalities in Siam. Die Regierung belegt die Zeitung deswegen mit einem Verbot für 30 Tage. Die Bangkok Times berichtet, dass Japan mit den in Siam lebenden Indern Kontakt aufgenommen hat wegen Widerstands gegen die britische Kolonialherrschaft.

Bangkok Times Weekly Mail: Erstflug des Focke-Wulf Fw 61, des ersten funktionsfähigen Hubschraubers. Konstrukteur ist der deutsche Ingenieur Heinrich Focke - Unimpaired balance in world friendships is the watchword of Siamese foreign policy. Die Kommission gewinnt in Siam den Eindruck. Als Nummer 12 ist Isaak Babel genannt. Frauen fabelhaft abgerichtet, er hat verschiedene Pfeifen neben sich, für jede Frau eine andere und wenn er pfeift, kommen sie sogleich gesprungen.

Man liest ihm vor, er diktiert, unerhört belesen und gebildet. Spricht gern und viel und gut. Ach Gott, nichts ist mir lieber an einem Menschen als umfangreiches, tiefes Wissen! Hingegen gefiel ihr der bayrische Arzt Otto Schwendt [ - ], der das Ehepaar bei diversen Unpässlichkeiten behandelte, wegen seiner Natürlichkeit - und seines Erfolges.

Im ersten Jahr hatte er als Gesandtschaftsarzt Unterstützung. Kam dann alleine in die Höhe. Seitdem erhält er keinen Heller als Gesandtschaftsarzt, obwohl reichlich in Anspruch genommen. Spricht gut Chinesisch und Siamesisch, hat reiche siamesische Prinzenfamilien als Patienten, muss enorm verdient haben.

Hat teure Sammlungen, drei Autos, Haus am Chiemsee. Durch rasende Einkauferei der Diplomaten seien Preise in Bangkok zu hoch. Wir hoffen in Chieng Mai billiger zu kaufen, wenn überhaupt! Seine Frau ist Ärztin, über 40, Brille, scheint harten Schädel zu haben wie alle 'emanzipierten Frauen '. Haushälterin Me Pong ist eine liberale, jetzt schon rundliche Siamesin, sichtlich seine 'zweite Frau '. Schaut sie immer strahlend an, spricht deutsch mit ihr. Der Fall Hugo A. No prayer or confession can be relied upon, and no God to help.

Buddha is a scientist, his conception of psychology is superb. His theory of life stands the test of modern science. Buddha was a great social reformer, there being no distinction of caste or creed when entering the Order, all being equal. His rules for disciples remain unaltered to the present day, though provision to do so was allowed on the resolution of the members, a proof of his teachings being adaptable to all periods of time.

Es ist der Standardjäger der japanischen Heeresluftwaffe. Er ist während des Kriegs auch in Thailand stationiert. Die Regierung schlägt die Demonstration brutal nieder: In einem Artikel des offiziellen Health Bulletin fordert Dr. Die Regierung informiert die Vertragspartner von Staatsverträgen, die extraterritoriale Rechtssprechung vorsehen, davon, dass Thailand diese Verträge zu kündigen beabsichtigt.

Neue Verträge werden abgeschlossen. Thomas studierte von bis Rechtswissenschaft und wurde Doktor der Rechte. Von bis wurde er im väterlichen Betrieb beschäftigt. Mai in Rom zugeteilt, wo er im August zum Gesandtschaftsrat 2. November wurde er zum Gesandten im Königreich Siam ernannt, wo er bis blieb. Zwei Demonstranten werden getötet, zehn verwundet und 79 festgenommen. Da die Vietnamesen französische Untertanen sind, untersucht die französische Gesandtschaft in Siam die Vorfälle und spricht die Polizei von aller Schuld frei.

Unterzeichnung des Antikominternpakts zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und Japan. Der Pakt dient der Bekämpfung der Kommunistischen Internationale. Unterschriften unter dem Antikominternpakt [Bildquelle: Die chinesischen Anhänger der beiden Richtungen in Siam folgen zunächst der Einheitsfront, geben diese aber schonvor dem japanischen Einmarsch in Siam - vor allem aus geschäftlichen Gründen - auf.

Allerdings handelte es sich bei der Einheitsfront lediglich um ein Stillhalteabkommen für die Zeit des Kriegs. Hier spielt besonders der Zwischenfall mit der Neuen 4.

Truppen der Guomindang griffen dabei mit über Soldaten die Neue 4. Armee mit etwa Mann an. Armee wurden dabei getötet, der Rest gefangen genommen. Als Reaktion begann die Kommunistische Partei Chinas den Krieg gegen Japan dazu zu benutzen, sich auf einen Bürgerkrieg mit der Guomindang vorzubereiten.

Pibul remain the virtual masters of the country, and militarist propaganda become daily more intensive The honour and glory of military life are drummed into the heads of school children This movement is also being extended to the provinces. The creation of a corps of adult volunteers is likewise under consideration Tod des kanadischen Eisenbahningenieurs Henry Gittins - Henry Gittins, late Adviser to the Siamese State Railways, who died recently at his home in London at the age of 78, had a remarkable career as organizer and builder of railways in Siam.

Born at Clifton, he was articled to a firm of architects at Bristol, but at the age of 24 went to Canada and there specialized in railway work. In the Governor of the Straits Settlements, during a visit to Bangkok, received from the King of Siam a concession to make surveys for a railway in that country.

Twelve years later a British firm, to whom the concession had been assigned, began operations, and among the engineers they engaged was Gittins, not long returned from Canada to England with already some reputation in the railway world. As a junior assistant he drove the first peg in what became a great enterprise, and led him, through many trials and anxieties, to the front rank of his profession.

The survey having been completed, a contract to build the line was given to an Englishman, while, for political reasons which Siam would have avoided but could not, a German engineer was appointed to organize a Government Railway Department to supervise the contractor. This resulted, after a period of bitterness, and recrimination, in the cancellation of the contract, and the State Department took over the construction work.

The services of Gittins, who had earned much credit while on the original survey, were eagerly sought by both the contractor and the Department: In the years that followed he worked in many parts of the country and in all branches of the Department, passing rapidly from grade to grade until, in , he was the senior divisional engineer and the next for appointment as deputy director, with the directorship to follow as a matter of course.

But it was desired in the highest German quarters to make the Royal Siamese State Railways as far as possible a German enclave, and the director now informed the Government that if a British deputy director were appointed, he and most of his men would resign. To save the Department from disruption and the State from a diplomatic imbroglio, Gittins was withdrawn from the executive, but appointed adviser to the Minister in control of communications, including the railways.

It says much for his tact and discretion that in this new capacity, which gave him vicarious authority over the whole Department, he continued in amicable relations with the director and his erstwhile colleagues.

In Siam undertook, with British financial assistance, to complete a railway southwards from Bangkok to the frontier of British Malaya, and for this purpose a separate Department, free from German influence, was established. Gittins, who had personally explored the whole of this proposed route and who was by now recognized as the first authority on Siamese railway construction, became the head of the new Department, and within seven years built and opened for traffic miles of line unsurpassed in construction, equipment, and organization by any railway in the East.

The Prince, who had been to Harrow and Cambridge, and had served with the Royal Engineers, and the adviser, with his long experience and study, worked together with mutual confidence and an immense enthusiasm.

They soon welded the various lines into a homogeneous system, and brought the Department, officered by Englishmen and an increasing number of foreign-trained Siamese engineers, to a high slate of efficiency. In , at the age of 64, after 30 years of arduous life in the tropics, Gittins retired, to the great regret of his hosts of friends in Siam, more especially of the Prince and his beloved Department, and came home to England where two years of country life restored his health almost completely.

Afterwards he travelled a good deal, and ultimately settled in London. Siamese affairs continued to interest him, and his advice on engineering matters was frequently sought by the Government. Among his decorations were the grand crosses of the White Elephant and the Crown of Siam, and he was made a C. Prince Purachatra remained his close friend until he died last September. Gittins married and had two sons. Slight, erect, alert of eye and movement, with moustache cocked and little imperial jutting, there was a touch about him of the Elizabethan hero.

He read much and had leanings towards poetry and romance, which he concealed from the public behind a certain brusqueness of manner and deportment. An entirely lovable man, with an easy dignity, he upheld in a foreign land the honour and prestige of his country. Henry Gittins, railway pioneer in Siam and Canada. Die Schulpflicht wird damit auf vier Jahre Primarschule reduziert. Die Bestimmung wird ab rechtskräftig. Regierungsschulen sollen künftig nicht mehr für den Primarschulbereich zuständig sein.

Für diesen soll nur noch lokale und private Schulen zuständig sein. Aus dem Jahresbericht des britischen Gesandten, Josiah Crosby - Die Volksversammlung Parlament wird von der Regierung im Radio dafür gerügt, dass sie es gewagt hat, die Ausgaben fürs Militär zu kritisieren. Die beiden ersten Formen sollen steuerfrei sein. Das Gesetz wird erst am bekanntgegeben.

Die Verkaufspreise liegen weit unter dem Marktwert. Vorsicht bei den Statistikdiagrammen! The law was revised to meet the conditions existing in Briefly, all private schools, teachers, head teachers and managers must be licensed. The conditions, provisions and arrangements of the school must comply with ministerial regulation concerning the quality of teaching, the purpose of teaching, the language of instruction, the number of students in each class, the number and qualifications of teachers to be engaged, hygienic conditions, curriculum, textbooks, examination, registration, the moral and physical training of children, etc.

The language of instruction must be Thai, the teachers must have the minimum qualification of a Third Grade Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. Other languages could be taught in school on application, for a period not exceeding ten hours per week. All religions were tolerated, but teaching in general must not be detrimental to the morals of the people or to public safety.

All private schools teaching primary classes must comply also with the law on Primary Education. The State wished the quality of teaching in private schools to be efficient and of a high standard. The private schools existing in were of two extremes: The people did not object and, in spite of the high fees charged, the efficiency and sacrifice of the missionaries in the cause of education drew the children to their schools in great numbers.

At the other extreme, there were private schools in dirty huts, with incompetent teachers looking after the very dirty little children in order to make money. It is the duty of the State to do away with these inefficient schools or to encourage them to employ better staffs and to provide better accommodation, better teaching, better equipment, all without raising the fees.

Education should cost the parents as little as possible so as to keep the door open for less fortunate children. Most private schools have pre-primary and primary departments along with secondary classes in the same schools, so it is sometimes difficult in collecting statistics to separate primary school children from the rest of the school. In there were 1, private schools engaging 1, teachers and giving education to 31, boys and 18, girls, a total of 50, children of primary school age.

Rumors circulated that a state ginning factory would be set up by the end of the year at a cost of Tcs. Like so many nationalistic countries, Siam seemed to think that simply setting up machinery was going to assure economic salvation.

It was expected that the Government would magnanimously take the lead, guarantee the market, and promote the industry without thought of profit.

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Menara , Songkhla Malay: The economy of Thailand is heavily export-dependent, with exports accounting for more than two-thirds of gross domestic product GDP.

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