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The Interpretation of a Short Story

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01/09/ · Leerverkauf (Short Selling) erklärt! Einfaches Beispiel Aktien mit Kopf. Loading Unsubscribe from Aktien mit Kopf? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K. . Im folgenden findet sich ein Beispiel für eine englischsprachige Zusammenfassung auch Summary genannt. The first chapter of Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave new World” mainly deals with the description of the opportunity of creating a society out of perfect workers and consumers, who just accept and even love their destiny because scientist.

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LISUM Berlin-Brandenburg Beispiel für eine leistungsdifferenzierte Klassenarbeit im Fach Englisch, Jahrgang 8 1 Beispiel: Klassenarbeit Jahrgangsstufe 8 ISS.

Mr Schaeffer, who has been entrusted with Tico Feo, develops a close friendship with the boy. One day, Tico Feo persuades Mr Schaeffer to run away from the camp with him. When they finally try to escape Mr Schaeffer inadvertently falls over a log. Tico Feo leaves him lying in the water not caring to help his friend and manages to get away. The Captain of the prison farm later changes the story to make it sound as if Mr Schaeffer tried to prevent Tico Feo's escape.

An omniscent narrator who controls the order of events, describes the charakters and their feelings, and comments on the importance of an event: The reader learns that his is a special position among the other prisoners. Later the narrator informs us of the reason for Mr Schaeffer's imprisonment and of how he tried to suppress his memory of the outside world: The first and the last two paragraphs form the frame to the story and are set in the present.

When the narrator turns to the episode about Tico Feo he switches to the past: The retrospective narration inside The Diamond Guitar falls into four scenes which are linked by passages of description and panoramic presentation:.

The description at the beginning of The Diamond Guitar introduces the setting of the short story. The opening sentences do not only give an exact description of where the prison camp is situated.

They are cut off from society, outcasts living in a remote place. The theme of the story, the convicts' loneliness, is already hinted at. Tico Feo is presented as a completely different character to the older convicts. The narrator uses a number of comparisons to illustrate Tico Feo's exotic and unreal appearance: The dreams of the past are expressed by the story's leitmotif, which is mentioned twice: The jewelled guitar is contrasted to the evening stars.

Looking up at the stars Mr. Schaeffer used to feel at peace with himself. The guitar and its glass diamonds, which eventually turn yellow, symbolize illusion and the transience of worldly things.

Mr Schaeffer is deluded into expecting too much happiness from the world beyond the prison walls; he has turned blind to the reality of the outside world: Tico Feo himself, the fascinating owner of the guitar, turns out to be a deceptive character in the end, when he lets Mr Schaeffer down. Another way the narrator hints at Tico Feo's deceptiveness is by giving him an interpretive name. Making historical references to the protesters and founding documents he stresses that their effort has been truly unselfish and successful.

With the movements of the Marches in Selma the participants have been role-models to many other minorities and disadvantaged people. Emphasizing that the movements are strongly connected to the beginning of American history and that, because of their effort, every single state-member, no matter in which ethnic group one belongs, is now regarded as equated to the law, Obama denies a statement towards the current riots in Ferguson, that only a little has changed in America. Moreover he stresses that the March has never been stopped, because there are remaining challenges to reach full equality.

By mentioning the achievements the USA have made so far and by referring to famous slogans at the end of his speech, they should secure these challenges to improve the nation as a unit, because all Americans have been immigrants in the past. Remarks by the President at the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches 7th March Among others Martin Luther King organized in three marches from Selma to Montgomery both cities in Alabama in order to fight for equal rights.

During these marches one person was killed and at least badly wounded by the police and the white population. The Americans who crossed this bridge, they were not physically imposing. But they gave courage to millions. They held no elected office. But they led a nation. Because of what they did, the doors of opportunity swung open not just for black folks, but for every American. The title attribute The href attribute The width and height attributes The alt attribute Attribute without quotes Attribute without quotes does not work.

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