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Qualities of great portfolio trackers.

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Looking for the best portfolio tracker

Quicken provides me with an updated portfolio any time I decide to load it and click on the Update button 20 minute delay I think.

No online portfolio tracker required. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. All of what you suggest is only available if you pay for GlobeInvestor every month. The free version has been stripped of any usefulness. In fact, it seems to be quite a bit better than Globe Watchlist before they stripped it. I like that I can just click the Yahoo url for MyPortfolio and see how my stocks are doing with the number of shares I own.

Easy for comparing against the Index compared to logging into my broker to do a quick check. Thank you all for the advice. WeBull- Awesome application for portfolio tracking. USP of this application is its data and its presentation. You can find min to min share trading data and summary Do try for some awesome data stuff. The good thing with these app is. It automatically fetches data so we need not to punch it.

It is simply a our Dmat account. Investments are a diverse domain and quite difficult to record all your investments in a single domain. Several companies have tried to create a consolidated portfolio of all assets but they all require manual intervention which makes it a tedious task for those who have their investments spread out and who transact multiple times a year.

This is especially true for business men, active professionals and traders. But hats off to the efforts of some startups which are attempting it. If you want to track your equity investments and trading portfolio, then your best bet is probably Fyers. We use a robust accounting and reporting mechanism which can help you save a lot of hassles and reconciliations. It is particularly helpful for traders and investors in the Indian stock markets.

Lately i started getting many suggestion SMS and mails based on my portfolio especially from moneycontrol which i hated that. Next the money control app is not really an app, it is just a web client opening inside android app, its an outdated idea. Apps are crowded with other unnecessary details and adds. I do not want an app to read about technicals, All i wanted was a lightweight app to keep track of my portfolio. For low coverage areas bandwidth is a major concern.

One more thing missing in many portfolio apps was stock watch-list alert. Tracking dividends received and upcoming expected dividend for certain stocks were missing in portfolio apps. At-least tracking dividend received should have been available. The above things drove me to build my own app with all the things i wanted. I can keep my data completely offline , to update the current value i just send the scrip code to the server to retrieve the current price and all the calculations are done in app.

Additionally i have added secure entry option, you configure your own secure pin to enter the app securely. I can add the data and release updated version of app for you.

Currently working on creating widget page to list holding and alerts on home screen as optional widgets. You can also track and analyse your favorite stocks along with all the sector indices.

Quickly check return contribution of different sectors in your portfolio and compare portfolio multiples like PE Ratio with the market. Check out fundamental and technical strength of any stock with our proprietary indicators. For your Mutual Fund investments, do try and have a look at the MintWalk app. Mintwalk is available on IOS and Android phones and its available online too. You can contact the Mintwalk team and they will help you further. You can reach them at support mintwalk.

Portfolio Tracker is an attempt at creating an online spread sheet that will let a stock investor. Click here Online Stock Portfolio Tracker. It only works for mutual funds for now, but hopefully I can add more account types soon.

It works across all fund houses, as long as you have registered your email ID with them. I don't have an app built out but the website is mobile optimized actually looks better on smaller screens. Let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests in case you decide to try it: I was also searching for kind of portfolio app that can track my mutual funds, stocks, crypto currency, fixed deposit, recurring deposit. I found this app very useful because it let me track all kind of Investments.

I've dabbled with a lot of trackers and find the one provided by Welcome to Value Research the most comprehensive and easy to navigate. Features like automatic capturing of historical dividends, bonuses and splits are not widely available. The analytics section is very helpful and doesn't contain unnecessary details like other trackers. You can know more here: You can also visit or website to understand more: Zero Commission Wealth Manager.

I am the Marketing manager at WealthTrust. In case of any queries do reach me: Well, There are a lot many websites and tools that offer tracking services. It really depends on your individual needs and choices. Most brokerages have some sort of tracking and research tool, but you can only use accounts affiliated with that broker.

With a portfolio tracker, you can better analyze your total allocation and formulate a more pointed strategy. Great portfolio trackers have a large pool of investment tickers to draw from and provide great research tools. Mobile Interactive has produced a number of stock tracking apps, but Active Portfolio might be its best work.

Active Portfolio lets you build and track custom portfolios containing stocks, bonds, options, cash, and cryptocurrencies. You can also import portfolios by linking the app to your brokerage account. The premium package gives you access to market research, stock charts, and SEC filings.

Register for a free MarketWatch account and you can not only build and track custom portfolios but trade in real-time on a virtual stock market. A MarketWatch smartphone app is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores, but the portfolio tracking must be done using a desktop computer.

SigFig Guidance will optimize your accounts and get you in the proper asset allocation for your goals. The robo advisor service offers tax-loss harvesting, too. Sometimes the old ways are still the best. The My Portfolios feature allows you link brokerage accounts or create your own portfolios for free.

Remember that fantasy football league you signed up for on Yahoo? You can use the same credentials to reach My Portfolios.

Best Free Online Portfolio Tracker

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