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In the short term view we collect data, produce forecasts, conduct trading of Nord Pool Spot and Elbas, perform tasks that fulfil our clients' balancing responsibility, undertake the necessary controls, and manage reporting to and from bilateral contractual parties when this is desirable. Chocolate manufacturers. This is a list of all chocolate wrappers manufacturers introduced in the collection with a number of wrappers available in a collection for each company.


Toyota Material Handling’s forpliktelse til å levere smarte trucker. Vi kunngjorde tidligere i år at vi planlegger å integrere telematikk i alle elektriske trucker, produsert fra høsten , basert på vår markedsledende I_Site teknologi.

Dongguan Chunzhen Biological Technology Co. Dongyang Haodi Medical CO. Dennis Gross Skincare Dr. Donna Restivo DC Dr. Morreale, Chiropractic Life Center Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic Company Dr.

Ha Skin Lab Co. Reddy's Laboratories Inc Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd Dr. Reddys Laboratories Inc Dr. Reddys Laboratories Limited DR. Donna Resivo DC Dr. Reddys Laboratories Limited Dr. Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Inc.

A division of Nycomed US Inc. A division of Fougera Pharmaceuticals Inc. Erman Cosmetic Manufacturing Ltd. Ecolabs Food Safety Specialties, Inc. Ecometics, Inc Ecometics, Inc. Ecomine Co Ltd Ecomine Co. Elements Personal Care, Inc.

Empire Stationery Distributors Inc. Empress Hair Products, Ltd. Enos Home Oxygen Therapy, Inc. Enovachem Manufacturing Entechbio Co. Enzyme Labs Enzyme Solutions, Inc. ES Pure Vine, Inc. Eshu Pty Ltd Eshu Pty. Essential Cares Supplies, Inc. C European Perfume Works Co. Evenly Plus, Inc Evercarepharm Co. Fabrication Enterprises Fabrication Enterprises, inc. Family Dollar Services, Inc. Family First Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fielden Gas Products, Inc. First Aid Beverages, Inc. Foshan Flying Medical Products Co. Foshan Jinxiong Technology Co. Foshan Nanhai Jinxiong Toys C o. Fruit of the Earth, Inc.

Fujian Meigulin Bio-Technique Co. G M International, Inc. Lane Health Products Limited G. Gadis Ingenious Gadgets Inc. P Galderma Laboratories, L. Gammie Home Care, Inc. Genta Incorporated Gentell, Inc,. Global Treat srl Glossier Inc. Graphic Controls Grato Holdings, Inc. Griffin Home Health Care, Inc. V Group Practice Solutions, Inc. Guangdong Comfort Medical Products Co. Butt Grocery Company H. J Harkins Company Inc H.

Harkins Company Inc H. J Harkins Company inc. Harkins Company, Inc H. Hangzhou Haorun Technology CO. Hangzhou Linkeweier Daily Chemicals Co. Hangzhou Zhongbo Industrial Co. Hankook Cosmetics Manufacturing Co. Haun Specialty Gases, Inc. Haun Welding Supply, Inc. Have and Be Co. Haw Par Healthcare Ltd. Hawaii Home Infusion Associates, Ltd.

Hawaiian Classic Perfumes, Inc. Hawknad Manufacturing Industries, Inc. Haws Corporation Hawthorn Pharmaceutical, Inc. Hebei Yihoucheng Commodity Co. Heel Inc Heel Inc. Herbalife International of America, Inc. Ltd Herbion Pakistan Pvt. Home Aide Diagnostics, Inc. Home Aide Diganostics, Inc.

Home Care Equipment, Inc. Home Equipment Associates, Inc. Home Respiratory Therapy and Equipment, Inc. Homeocare Laboratories Homeocare Laboratories Inc. Homeopath Ellen's Homeopathic Services Inc. Homeopathy in a Box HomeopathyStore. HomeReach Homeside Healthcare, Inc.

Hopkins Medical Horizon Pharma Inc. Horn's Medical Supply, Inc. Hospice Management Partners, L. Hospira, Inc Hospira, Inc. Huangshi Likang Pharmaceutical Co. Huijing Shanghai Bio-tech Co.

Human Genome Sciences, Inc. Hunter's Specialties Hunters Specialties, Inc. Medical Supply Company Inc. Ideal Protein of America Inc. V Impulsora Sahuayo, S. Industrias Lavin de Mexico S. Infirst Healthcare Infirst Healthcare Inc.

Innisfree Innisfree Corporation Innocence, Inc. Integra Health International S. Integra Health International, S. International Nature Nutraceuticals, Inc. S4 Suncare Isis Medical, Inc. Island Abbey Foods Ltd. Isomers Laboratories Inc Isomers laboratories Inc. Ivey Industries Ivey Industries Inc.

Jackson Welding Supply Co Inc. Jacobus Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. Jerome Stevens Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Jesus Glory Bio Co. Ltd Jewoo Medical Co. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co. Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co. Jiangsu Jiangsu Sincere Pharmaceutical Co. Jiangxi Sencen Hygienic Products Co. Kapa'ihi, Inc Kara Vita, Inc. Keen Compressed Gas Co. Ken Mable Ken Mable Inc. Kinray Kinray Inc Kinray Inc. Knight Facilities Management, Inc.

Korea Genetic Pharm Co. Kowa Health Care America, Inc. Kowa Pharmaceuticals America Inc. Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. Kraft Foods Global, Inc. Kroger Kroger Co Kroger Co. Kwang Duk Sin Yak Co. Lab Safety Supply, Inc. A Laboratoires Clarins S. Collado, C x A. Lachlan Pharmaceuticals Laclede, Inc. Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc. Lee Pharmaceuticals Leeper Brothers, Inc. Les Emballages Knolwton Inc. Lex Inc Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Life Quality Home Healthcare, Inc. Lin Lin Quan Enterprises Co. Living Well Pharmacy, Inc. Lofthouse of Fleetwood, Ltd. Nantou Plant Lotus Pharmaceutical Co. Lowry Drug Company Inc. Magna Pharmaceuticals Magna Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mallinckrodt Hospital Products Inc. Manchester Pharmaceuticals Manchester Pharmaceuticals Inc. Marwins Beauty Products, Inc. Mas Management Group, Inc. MC Group Development Ltd. McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co. Meda Pharmaceuticals Meda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Medical Technology Products, Inc. Medline Industries Medline Industries Inc. Medolife Corporation Medon Co. Melaleuca, Inc Melaleuca, Inc. Melo's Gas and Gear, Inc. Midatech Pharma US, Inc. Middlesex Gases and Technologies, Inc.

Middlesex Welding Sales Co, Inc. Miers Laboratories Migralex Inc. Miss Smarty Pants Enterprises, Inc. Mission Mission Hills S.

V Mission Hills S. V Mission Hills, S. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. Modern Supply Company, Inc. Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vernon Community Pharmacy, Inc. Mycone Dental Supply Co. Mylan Specialty Mylan Specialty L. Nan Mei Pharmaceutical Co. Nantong Sirius Packing Products Co.

Naticura Inc Naticura Inc. National Chemical Laboratories, Inc. Natural Crest Laboratories Inc. Nature and Health Beauty Co. Nature's Way Products, Inc. Natures Formulae Health Products Ltd.

Natures Way Holding Co. Navajo Manuracturing Company Navajo Mfg. Neutracure Neutraderm Inc Neutraderm, Inc. New Haven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Nex Medical Antiseptics S. Ningbo Correway Cosmetics Co. Ningbo Dowland Daily Health Co. NingBo Huize Commodity Co. Ningbo Kleen Products Co. Ningbo Timedo Medical Supply Co. Ningbo United Group Co. Nix's Medical Supply, Inc. Northeast Home Medical Supplies Inc. Novartsi Consumer Health, Inc. Novatris Consumer Health, Inc. Noveko Inc Novel Laboratories, Inc. Novelty Creative Solutions, Inc. Nu Care Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NuCare Pharmaceuticals Industries, Inc. Subsidiary of Akorn, Inc. Obagi Medical Products, Inc.

Ohio Air Products of Canton, Inc. Ollie Pippa International Inc. Omega Industrial Supply, Inc. Omega Tech Labs Inc. Opal Cosmetics Huizhou Ltd. Orange Lab OraPharma, Inc. Oriental Home Sense Co. Ortas International Group S. Orye Life Science Co. Owen Laboratories Owen Laboratories, Inc. Banerji Mihijam Pharmaceuticals P. Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc. Pacific Health Collaborative, Inc. Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.

Pacific World Corporation Pacifica Inc. Par Pharmaceuticals Companies, Inc. ParaDocs All Natural Inc. ParaDocs All Natural, Inc. Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. Peachtree Medical Peachtree Playthings, Inc. Pharmaceutics Corporation Pharmaceutics International, Inc.

Phillips Company Philosophy Philosophy Inc. Philosophy, Inc Philosophy, Inc. Phoenix Research Industries, Inc. Physiciains Total Care, Inc. Physicians Total Caer, Inc. Pierson Laboratories Pierson Laboratories, Inc. Piramal Critical Care, Inc. Planet Shanghai International Co. Planet Suzhou Medical Products Co. Prevention Health Sciences, Inc. Price Rite Medical Equipment, Inc. Prime Time Solutions, Inc. Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. Professional Disposables International, Inc.

Professional Hospital Supply, Inc. Profounda Inc Profounda, Inc. Promotora De Productos Mexicanos, S. Protair-X Health Solutions Inc. Publix Super Markets, Inc. Burger King provides almost no information on how its meat is produced, or whether the food that goes into its meals is produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Both the fast food industry and other meat sellers, like supermarkets, get their raw materials from many of the same questionable sources as Burger King.

But given its size and scale, extensive connections to other major food companies, and seeming unwillingness to even start to address the challenge, it provides a fitting vehicle to tell the story of the global meat industry.

As this report shows, Burger King has a lot to hide: The fast food giant has failed to adopt any serious policies to protect native ecosystems in the production of its food.

Unlike many of its competitors, Burger King has repeatedly turned down requests from civil society organizations to commit to only buying from suppliers who don't engage in destruction of forests, or to provide information about where its commodities originate.

McDonald's has even shown leadership by committing to eliminate deforestation from its supply chains, and urging its suppliers to do the same. More than one million square kilometers of our planet - equivalent to the total combined area of France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands - are dedicated to growing soy.

From , an average of approximately four million hectares of forests were destroyed each year, mostly for soy and cattle. This report focuses on the impacts of agribusiness on South America's extraordinary ecosystems and biodiversity. Later in , Mighty will release a report that examines the practices of some of these same companies on the environment of the American Midwest.

The flow of soy through the meat supply chain. Soy originates from farms in Latin America and ends up in the fast food consumed around the world. For this investigation, we visited 28 sites across kilometers in Brazil and Bolivia, where soy production on an industrial scale is fueling massive deforestation for details, satellite imagery, and links to additional photos and videos from each site, see our background report.

Across the South American frontier, we found the footprint of the major trading companies that sit astride global agriculture and supply Burger King and other food companies. Traders like the American companies Cargill, Bunge, and ADM buy grain, build silos and roads, provide farmers with fertilizer, and even finance land-clearing operations.

Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazilian Cerrado. Brazil's Cerrado is a million hectare, wildlife-rich forested savanna. The Cerrado is also a vital source of water for millions of people living in the region. Half of Brazil's watersheds have their sources there, including the Pantanal, which is the largest wetland in the world. The Cerrado even powers Brazil's economy: More than half has already been destroyed.

We sought to examine which companies are responsible for this ongoing crisis. While there are several soy companies that operate in the Cerrado, the analysis showed that Cargill and Bunge are the two soy traders most closely linked to deforestation. Both companies purchase soy from farmers, and then ship it around the world to feedlots, where chickens, pigs, and cows eat it before they are turned into chicken sandwiches, bacon, and burgers.

Bunge, which is publicly traded, is based in the leafy New York City suburb of White Plains, and is the biggest player in the Cerrado. Recently, Bunge has extended its network even further in the region. In addition to buying soy, Cargill and Bunge finance roads and other infrastructure, and provide fertilizers and other resources to farmers, giving them a direct role in driving deforestation across the agricultural frontier.

Bunge is the leading company linked to deforestation risk in the Cerrado over the last five years, with Cargill second. The 29 municipalities in the Cerrado where Bunge was operating a commercial silo saw almost 50, hectares of deforestation in , and a cumulative , hectares from to The 24 municipalities where Cargill was operating a commercial silo saw , hectares of deforestation over that same five-year period. In addition, there are 12 municipalities where both Cargill and Bunge were operating silos; these areas saw a total of 90, hectares of total deforestation over the same period.

To be clear, not all of the deforestation captured in this data was driven by soy; however, these companies are not taking sufficient steps to prevent the substantial amount of deforestation occurring in the regions where they operate, and in many cases are providing the financial incentives that spur the deforestation in the first place. Across the Cerrado, we visited 15 locations that spanned hundreds of kilometers.

Over and over again, we found the same thing: The farms were typically large commercial operations spread over thousands of hectares. We used aerial drones to follow tractors as they ripped up the ancient savanna, and watched soybean farmers use systematic fires to burn the debris and clear the land - sending acrid smoke across the whole region.

Many fires went out of control, and burned adjacent intact wildlands. Interviews with farmers confirmed that Cargill and Bunge were the two most common customers of soy from the sites we visited. The satellite images displayed here show exactly the extent of deforestation in each location over the past five years. Unlike competitors whose bans on deforestation are effective immediately, Cargill has given itself until to eliminate deforestation from its supply chains, giving soy growers and others almost 15 years to race to clear as much forest as possible.

There is a lot at stake in these decisions. Across Brazil, agribusiness has had a long history of land grabbing, destruction and violence. A recent report by the international NGO Global Witness found that more indigenous forest defenders had been killed in Brazil than in any other country.

Most of the murders took place in the regions with the most land-grabbing for cattle ranches and soy plantations. Hundreds of indigenous defenders have been murdered by hit men hired by unscrupulous agricultural interests. Stopping this cycle of violence will require action from the customers of these commercial agricultural producers. A male jaguar in the setting Bolivian sun.

Our field team next traveled to Bolivia, another frontier for the global soy industry. Home to more than 14, plant, mammal, amphibian, reptile, fish and 1, bird species, Bolivia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Three-toed sloths laze about in trees, sleeping so much that moss grows on them. Soaring macaws add a splash of bright color to the blue sky above the rainforest. Pink river dolphins fish the waters.

Pumas rule over it all. Sadly, Bolivia has also been a hub for unsustainable cultivation of soy for livestock feed, which is causing destruction of native ecosystems. Cargill and other traders are also connected to the clearing of this global biodiversity hot spot at a breakneck pace. Between and , Bolivia experienced an average of , hectares per year of deforestation, according to a Food and Agriculture Organization report.

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It should publish its suppliers and report on their compliance with sustainability policies.

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