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Veterans of Foreign Wars Post The Village of Arts and Humanities. Mission of Mary Cooperative. In reaction, the whole parliament asked for an official statement from the cabinet that same evening. Following an additional debate, during which Prime Minister Balkenende said that Verdonk had the full support of the cabinet, a motion of no confidence was accepted by the same coalition of left-wing parties.

Hirsch Ballin could execute the 12 December motion started by the PvdA, and postpone the expulsions of asylum seekers based on humanitarian grounds, such as the responsibility for under-age children, until a new cabinet was formed. On 22 February Verdonk stood down as minister when the fourth cabinet Balkenende was installed.

Her portfolios were taken over by Ella Vogelaar integration and Nebahat Albayrak immigration. On 4 April , Verdonk announced her ambition to become political leader and to succeed Jozias van Aartsen as the lijsttrekker of the VVD for the coming elections, at the time expected to be held Although her political views on subjects other than immigration and integration had mostly been unclear, she was a likely candidate. Verdonk was advised by Kay van de Linde , who had been part of anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn 's election campaign, which was cut short by his assassination on 6 May of that year.

Verdonk's opponents said that several of her statements and policies seemed to exploit xenophobic emotions in the country. On an official visit to Morocco, when visiting a poor neighbourhood, she remarked, "I do not understand why these Moroccans come to the Netherlands.

There is so much work to do here". Verdonk denied the rumour [31]. In the election , Verdonk received a greater number of preference votes , than the VVD lijsttrekker Mark Rutte , She renewed her desire to become party leader but said she would for the present remain loyal to Rutte.

Chances of Verdonk to become party leader decreased with this action, described as an "attempted coup" by media and party members.

The Netherlands at my feet , observing that her election-campaign team was not resolved. It said that she was still determined to grab the VVD leadership, possibly right after the March provincial elections, in the event that her opponent Rutte again performed poorly.

I really can't see how he would be. Around 21 June , Radboud Magazine published an interview with Verdonk, in which she said that the VVD was "hijacked" by "left-wing liberals", and that she wanted to "undo" that. Although Rutte had warned her before, he didn't take any action, because the interview had been done in April before his warning.

From November until September , Verdonk served as member of parliament for the VVD in the opposition benches as the education specialist. She said that the VVD was "invisible" in the debate about immigration. Rutte said he wanted to expel her. Rutte said that "Verdonk had damaged the reputation of the VVD due to remarks in the media far too often". Verdonk said she would continue in the House of Representatives and that she would not give up her seat.

Geert Wilders , leader of the PVV, was disappointed by this comment and said he still wanted to speak with Verdonk about a possible joint party. The next day, Verdonk said that she still needed some more time to think over her decision again, but Rutte declined this, and she was formally expelled from the parliamentary faction of the VVD on 14 September Verdonk announced that she would leave the party but stay in Parliament. After further consideration, she announced the creation of a new political movement, Proud of the Netherlands Trots op NL , which she launched in April According to opinion polls published on 6 December , Verdonk's movement, Trots op NL, would win one seat in the Dutch parliament.

She resigned from politics in The party has combined with another party on the right. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Strengere eizen aan gezinsvorming" in Dutch.

Rutte is niet echt rechts". Archived from the original on 7 June Archived from the original on 12 June Verdonk moet zich wegcijferen". VVD is gekaapt door linkse liberalen". Archived from the original on 4 December Archived from the original on 10 January

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Die nachfolgenden Informationen stellen weder ein Angebot zum Verkauf noch eine Aufforderung zur Abgabe eines Angebots zum Kauf oder zur Zeichnung von Wertpapieren dar. One month later she cancelled her membership, after a reconciliation attempt failed and the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy party board initiated a procedure of exclusion.

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VVD-deputy prime minister Zalm said he was surprised that events known for years suddenly resulted in action by Verdonk two days after a television program about Hirsi Ali's past. Van Beek, an MP for the VVD , said after the debate that it would be almost unthinkable that if Verdonk resigned, the cabinet would stay intact, as one of the coalition partners of the cabinet had lost its confidence in the minister.

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