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Hotel Courtyard Mexico City Airport México DF - hotel de 3 estrellas. El Courtyard Mexico City Airport es un lugar cómodo para alojarse en una zona dinámica, a 6 km de Metropolitan Cathedral. El Courtyard Mexico City Airport .

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Impuestos y tasas no incluidos en las ofertas. Nothing because I didn't rented the car Desventajas: They lie about the price I don't understand why kayak said a price so cheap and pay less rental car no respect that price I think that is a shame of both companies I'm not going to do any more business with ether one!!!

No phone number Ventajas: Wasn't able to communicate with anybody in Mexico City to confirm. Phone number in Mexico City does not exist. They would not take the rate that I got online Ventajas: The car was clean. The employees were mostly rude except for one girl but they did not offer solutions until I said I was going to call PROFECO, the mexican consumer protection services agency.

They said that they had no connection to kayak whatsoever. Do not use Payless in Mexico City!!! The rate we had confirmed by Kayak was in another universe to what they charged when we arrived. They also said they did not have a record of our booking or a car Full insurance although if you have an accident it is not full insurance is required. My understanding is they were at the airport but they were half hour taxi ride away.

Bad service and liars Ventajas: Nothing bad service Desventajas: They didn't have my reservation They mentioned problems with the system and they offer me a car very expensive I do not rent the car. Great car for travel Ventajas: Great car and deals. Terrible experience in Mexico City Ventajas: Car was ok - clean, though the back suspensions were already damaged and not the model type we had requested through priceline one level down Desventajas: No respect for the reservation, and the quoted price.

Staff looked like they hated working in that office, and was less than friendly. Unfortunately, we were in a hurry to leave, and renting the car took 1.

Here are some details. They could not find the reservation. Once we had a payless customer rep on the phone, they said they would honor the price of the reservation but did not. We returned the car half a day earlier, and did not get any appreciation or discount.

Also had to go through a 10 min inspection which thankfully did not lead to any extra charges , though it would not have mattered since they made us pay the full insurance. This experience was terrible.

Hard to say whether it was Payless or just this office. However, this was bad enough for me not to ever want to be a Payless customer. I would also recommend that Payless takes a close look at this Mexico Juarez office. Big scam operation charging us 3x the price and refusing to waive cdw even though we had it on our credit card, telling us no insurance works in Mexico.

Liars and scammers Desventajas: From the rude agents to the scam price to telling us that they couldn't find our reservation and that they couldn't do anything about it. They denied our booking Ventajas: They did not honor our booking.

Sino me obligan comprar el paquete completo a un precio muy diferente al precio contratado con Kayak. Calidad del coche mal. The attendant was nice enough Desventajas: This is a scam. We didn't end up taking the rental and lost half a day. Better to use taxis and the bus system.

Kayak should disclose the cost of insurance. Car was OK, Desventajas: I then was sent to a site to purchase insurance for a reasonable amount. That insurance company said to make sure the car company did not try to sell additional insurance. The Europe car rental forced me to take their insurance or I could not take the car. So I ended up with three insurance policies on my car. Credit card Eurocar third party. My car rental was very dirty and all banged missing hub caps and when i got there it took for ever and i was extorted for extra money!!!

Couldn't find their office and they canceled our reservation Ventajas: It was a good price Desventajas: Finally we found the Europcar office that I guess takes care of their company too.

They didn't speak English but led us to the Europcar office but they couldn't find our reservation either so we had to book another car through them. The car reserved was NOT provided.

I had to pay extra to upgrade to a vehicle below what was rented. It was also a stick shift. I was forced to buy insurance when I had my own. The car was small and without power. Struggled on every hill. They took 2 hours to give me my car because the computers kept going down. I forgot my bag and ask from LAX office to shop it for me. They asked me to send a label from Fedex- so I did. In LAX office they told me that they called them but nothing is really happening.

People were friendly and helpful with insurance information. The car had a few problems some error lights turned on after pick up but worked fine. The minivan was in perfect conditions Desventajas: They put bad gasoline. It did not last for that long. Once Infill it up at a regular gas station the fuel was ok.

The lady at the counter texting without telling me what's going on. After 15 mins waiting, confirmed to me that there were no cars available at their lot despite my reservation months in advance. Reservation canceled due to overbooking Ventajas: They overbooked themselves and canceled my reservation.

El precio de la renta era de 9 dlls. I didn't like it Desventajas: The representative that was at the car rental booth was on his phone the whole time since we arrived. After 10 mins on the phone with a sarcastic smile he just said, we are very sorry but, we ran out of cars" how do you run out of cars when you have booked one in advance. Horrible service, will never book through them again. After reading the reviews below, I would have never gone through this rental place. I totally agree with the previous reviews.

Reserved child seats weren't available Ventajas: Price was supposed to be great Desventajas: Unfortunately, I didn't get National's great price because the child seats I reserved and confirmed by phone twice in the week before the rental were not available. The guy at the desk didn't much seem to care, either. So I was left to waste an hour hauling luggage up and down the row of counters trying to find another company with the child seats, which ended up being three times the price that National had promised.

Disappointing and deceptive practices Ventajas: When I arrived at the airport they did not except my reservation. The pricing provided online was different at the airport. The insurance was triple the amount of the car rental. The taxes as well or triple the amount of the exact car rental. When I receive the car it was scratched all over and was very dirty.

I was told that I did not have to wash the car when it was returned and I was charged pesos for the cleaning I was told that I would also be responsible for paying for the repair of the scratches that the car already had. Never get a car rental on line in Mexico Ventajas: Easy to set on line Desventajas: Nothing to like here!

I had a confirmed reservation for the class of cars not even available at this location. I understand that the exact car model is not guaranteed, but if I reserve a car for 8 people weeks in advance of my arrival, then I expect to get a car model that can actually fit our entire party with all the luggage, as opposed to being offered a smaller car "at a better price". I literally had to scramble last minute, with my entire family waiting in the arrival hall of the airport and me walking from an agency to agency until I found one that has the car that can fit us all.

NO, this is simply not acceptable, not for a reputable rental place and with a confirmed reservation! The car I reserved wasn't available and I had to take the only available option.

Which, of course, it was more expensive. They don't care about you. It was a car. They gave me the car with almost no fuel, had to wait an hour and a half just to get the car when there was only 1 other family in front of the line, and when someone crashed into me on the road they didn't pick up the phone to call the insurance that covered the car.

Never renting from here again. I chose this service because it said that it was at the airport, but it isn't it's at the Marriott down the street. I walked all over the airport looking for it and it seriously seem like they're the only ones NOT in the terminals. I called for someone to come pick me up, they said 10 minutes.

I waited for over an hour and no one came. I ended up walking to the Marriott. The guy had the balls to tell me "go straight to the gas station, it's on E but should get you the the gas station" WHAT?! I just landed in a different country, been awaiting and now have to stop and get gas?! I've rented cars all over the world, including mexico before and have never had these problems. I wouldn't reserve a rental from Kayak ever. Hidden charges make the rental a lot more expensiv Ventajas: No complaints with the vehicle.

I chose not to purchase insurance on the rental because I have external rental car insurance. When I asked the attendant to explain how they could charge me that without listing it in the reservation, he dug around for a while until he pulled up a single line, deep in the website that said "other charges may be included for insurance, etc.

He told me I could either pay it or not rent the car but he did say I may be charged for failing to fulfill my reservation. It was a sneaky, but unsurprising, tactic by a rental car company. I'm annoyed at them and at Kayak for not listing the price accurately. Nothing, they didn't tell me about the amount before. So I couldn't get the car, and I just payed 25 us for nothing and they weren't that nice to negociate with. My kids were tired and hungry and we had to wait there for 2 hours and were denied help Desventajas: Made a reservation through carrentals.

I canceled my reservation and still they had the nerve to charge me. I did not received any services from carrentals. But they still charge me. I ended up renting from Dollar Rent a Car. Who provided a way better service experience. Gave away my vehicle Desventajas: I'd reserved a premium car.

My flight arrived late and they gave it away, with only a small economy car left available. I went elsewhere and they didn't even cancel my reservation. Bad service and van had several issues Ventajas: Bad experience would not rent again with Ace aaaasssss ggggggggh hhhhhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkkk.

Mexican car rental insurance is a scam. Horrible pickup experience Ventajas: I never even got my car because the wait was so long over an hour in line and when I finally got to the desk I was told I needed my physical passport to rent.

I had my credit card, drivers license, photo of passport, and multiple other forms of ID. It did not say anywhere on the email I received that I would need to bring my passport. I ended up going with another company. They didn't have the car I rented available. They didn't have the car available and all they had to offer was a Prius that was twice as expensive.

I reserved a Jeep not a small hybrid and needed the Jeep for travel in the mountains. Not a good experience. The Ace sign was also not visible so I walked by the agency several times before I found it. The office wasn't opened, all the other car rentals companies were opened. There was no support on the phone.

Hard to find ACE no signage. Insurance costs in Mexico are a killer! We received the van we requested for 12 people. The guys the car drop-off and pick-up were very nice and helpful. We couldn't find ACE the airport. We waited an eternity to get service, 45 min of waiting. What a waste of time. The insurance was almost the same cost as the rental. Price not what I expected. Did not have car I rese Desventajas: On top of that they did not have the type of car I requested.

They wanted to give me something smaller and claimed that the trunk space would be the same which would it clearly not. Overall the rental was smooth.

They were friendly, efficient and helpful. Communiation was never an issue. We should have taken note of the address to drop the vehicle off. I assumed that the address would be written somewhere on the paperwork and it was a pretty big stress relocating the office after ten days of travel. Mexico City can be pretty stressful to navigate, especially if you have a flight to catch.

Terrible car rental company Ventajas: They lied and said they only had one car. The company is corrupt. My license plate was stolen and the are charging me? It did feel like were being ripped off! Nothing good about this scan Desventajas: Took almost an hour to find. Asked everyone and got so many different answers finally found it walking in traffic through a busy terminal in mexico city in a hotel plaza.

Wanted 27 in insurance and 13 for full coverage, both mandatory, on top of what I paid already. I hate these people. Had to rent from hertz for 4x what I thought I'd pay including insurance.

Cost us 3 hours too. La empresa es corrupta. The price, the car, the agents. The car was in good condition, the agents were friendly the check out process was quick and easy Desventajas: The check-in took 1 hour and 20 and we were the only people there. I strongly recommend against renting a car from this location. I recently rented from this location and couldn't regret it more.

I'm an Avis Preferred member who frequently rents cars for both business and personal travel in the US and abroad. I've rented cars in Jordan, Turkey, South Africa, and Georgia among other countries just to offer some perspective. I waited over an hour at this location to receive my rental, which caused me to have to cancel plans; and on my return it took another forty-five minutes, which caused my taxi fare to double in price while I waited. The act of picking up a rental should never cause a customer to have to cancel appointments.

Unfortunately, this isn't the worst of it. Upon my return, the employees claimed damage to a tire -- a "bump in the rubber" to be precise. The tire was is perfect working condition; again, the tire was not flat. When inspecting the vehicle before taking possession, the employees did not mention a need to inspect the tires, even after I prompted confirmation that we had reviewed all the necessary components of the vehicle.

To summarize, the employee with whom I inspected the vehicle told me we'd covered everything and it was not necessary to inspect the tires, but upon return they changed their story and claimed damage. I had fortunately purchased full insurance which absurdly tripled the cost of the rental , so this claim is of minor detail to me at this point.

But I write this review to caution others from renting here, as I suspect that the employees will invent damage in order to charge you additional fines. The entire exchange seemed very much a scam, so consider your rental carefully and if possible, go elsewhere for a car in Mexico City.

Avis Customer Service, whom I called to speak with about this experience, had little to say and offered nothing in the way of remedying this experience of mine.

When renting from a known company, one expects consistent experience regardless of city or country, otherwise, I'd just rent from a locally-owned company and pay less.

In short, I'd recommend another rental company altogether. Nos ofrecieron una tarifa que era 10 veces mas cara. Me dejaron varada y sin apoyo viernes por la noche. Me atendieron en el momento y en tiempo y forma. El precio para el seguro de cobertura amplia. Problemas el retirar Ventajas: Muy buen carro, confortable, perfectas condiciones, Desventajas: No aclara que tengo que contratar un seguro Ventajas: Totalmente sin gasolina Ventajas: Worst car rental service in my life Ventajas: They had no cars and made me wait one hour to tell me that.

On top of everything the guy sermones me on the type of coverage that I had picked for my inexistent rental. Don't fall for the cheap price. The insurance will get you Ventajas: The customer service is good. The insurance is not included and its price is not disclosed before you book so you can't even budget correctly for your trip.

The restrooms are out of order and there is no ac in the office as you wait. The cost suppose to be 8us, when I arrive it was 35, I dint take it. This was a pretty big surprise. They entered my info and after about 20 minutes told me they didn't have any cars left to rent.

Hilton Mexico City Reforma

Couldn't find their office and they canceled our reservation Ventajas:

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Staff looked like they hated working in that office, and was less than friendly. They would not take the rate that I got online Ventajas:

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