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ETRADE Bank is a subsidiary of ETRADE Financial Group, which is a publicly traded (NASDAQ:ETFC) institution, and offers a narrow selection of depository products and loans. Guided by a community of experienced investors, E*TRADE offers many products to support various financial situations. Streaming quotes keep you armed with up-to-the-minute information on stocks, options, and futures.

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If you are a regular reader you know I have been a fan of pharmaceuticals for awhile. I have been steadily adding to my holdings of Pfizer and Merck for the last several years. However I am also a fan.

I had an account with ING for several months and when I went to access it out of need, I found out they had closed the account. They had mixed me up with someone else. It took me many hours and weeks to get this all cleared up and I had to sell some stock funds at a loss to get the money I needed even though they had my money.

I will never do business with them again. Thanks for the comments. Do you know anything about IndymacBank? They have MoneyMarket account that give 3. A great summary of high yeild accounts.

They key thing to remember is not to use these accounts as your investment vechile — I wrote about this recently. Given how easy they are to work with people just end up leaving all their cash in them. Ing is a great bank.

I have used them since and love their customer service. They are great for mortgages and mutual funds also. They also have a five percent rewards savings for a minumum deposit of They put the limits on to get new people to join. They are a great credit union. Competitive CD rates as well. Anyone have feedback on this? I am looking to start my emergency fund and I was looking at the money market accounts offered by EverBank and Nationwide.

I have CDs and Savings. They project your savings contributions and I have found them to calculate them strangely, ie. They have a decent rate so I am mostly satisfied. Like others have posted here: Go for the money. They claimed the change was because I am from another state.

I use ING for checking but hate the general ledger. Positive and Negative pending transactions are grouped together. Another way to confuse clients and charge for NSF. The checking account actually has an interest rate attached to it and you can freely move money from the Orange Savings account to it online.

So when you need money, just xfer cash from your savings to the electric orange, then go to the ATM and take money out. Well, what about Igobanking guys? I am a big AmTrust fan. AmTrust consistently pays more than the others. It is the easiest to link external accounts with. I had a nightmare of a time with Emigrant a few years ago, it is good to see that they are up on the list — maybe they have gotten a bit better? HSBC used to have a higher rate, but their website was a pain due to multiple login processes and site was clunky.

It would be a shame to chase a nickel if you have to go through hoops for it. I love USAA thanks for mentioning it … their customer service is amazing. Also, they pay you back any ATM fees you get charged by other banks, and charge none of their own.

We can deposit checks at home by scanning them in as well. My experience with the three internet savings accounts I use: VirtualBank has the best rate, and they are fairly quick about delivering withdrawals.

Next best rate is HSBC, but they are slow to credit deposits and are the slowest of the three to deliver withdrawals. ING provides quick service about the same as Virtual Bank , but is typically about. You must have a checking account linked, but there are no fees, and you have the benefit of bricks and mortar branches. Their checking account may have fees, but the amount after a certain balance of assets including your high yield savings , it may be free. I find their APY is comparable to other banks, and they sent me an ATM card and checkbook to use for the account, which is what sold me.

No minimums or fees. I also use ING Direct. FNBO Direct got some flack awhile back for allegedly not being very customer-friendly, but I have never had a problem with them. ING has by far the best customer service. I did a lot of research, and decided to try out savingssquare.

No minimum, and the rate is still the best one I could find out there currently 3. ING Direct at 3. I have been researching a thing called rewards checking accounts. They offer high yields but come with a catch- minimum of 10 debit card transactions, online statements delivery and direct deposit or bill pay setup.

You also have to live in the area of the bank. Ally Bank Online Savings Account: Best CD Rates Updated! Is Your Savings Account in Jeopardy? October 20, at 5: August 10, at 3: August 7, at 6: July 28, at July 10, at 6: May 3, at 2: April 23, at 2: April 13, at 9: April 13, at 3: March 18, at 6: February 17, at 7: February 15, at 2: February 14, at 5: January 22, at January 28, at December 14, at 6: August 14, at 5: August 3, at 7: May 26, at 4: May 6, at April 24, at March 15, at March 12, at 7: December 27, at 2: December 27, at 1: November 8, at October 18, at October 7, at 9: September 4, at September 2, at 5: August 23, at 2: August 23, at August 22, at August 22, at 9: August 20, at 9: August 19, at 6: August 13, at 5: August 13, at 4: August 2, at 8: August 2, at 6: July 22, at 7: July 15, at July 10, at July 6, at July 4, at July 3, at 7: July 3, at 6: July 3, at 3: July 2, at 8: July 2, at July 1, at July 1, at 8: June 30, at June 12, at 5: June 4, at May 29, at 5: April 21, at 7: April 10, at 2: April 9, at April 8, at 6: April 1, at 5: April 1, at March 22, at 3: March 16, at March 16, at 7: March 15, at 1: March 9, at 7: March 8, at March 7, at March 7, at 6: March 6, at March 4, at 9: March 4, at March 3, at 8: March 3, at 5: February 22, at 1: February 13, at February 6, at February 2, at 8: February 1, at January 30, at January 26, at 5: January 19, at 1: January 12, at 4: January 12, at 2: January 9, at 7: January 9, at 6: January 2, at 5: December 28, at December 24, at 6: December 16, at 6: December 16, at December 9, at 1: December 8, at 2: December 3, at November 28, at 4: November 22, at November 20, at November 1, at 5: October 31, at October 25, at 2: September 9, at 1: September 9, at 2: August 27, at 9: July 16, at 7: June 3, at 7: May 31, at 4: May 31, at May 28, at 6: May 27, at April 17, at April 15, at 2: April 13, at 4: MagnifyMoney does not include all financial institutions or all products offered available in the marketplace.

Sarah Li Cain is a writer at MagnifyMoney. You can email Sarah Li here. Robinhood burst onto the investing scene a few years ago, captivating young stock traders and some older ones with a slick mobile app and free stock trades. That splash got investors to pay attention, and Robinhood has continued to build out its offerings from there, providing free trades for exchange-traded funds ETFs , options and, most surprisingly, cryptocurrency.

Who should consider Robinhood Robinhood is great for beginning and young investors because of its slick and familiar mobile interface. Beginners also will really like the commission-free trading. Those looking to get into cryptocurrency also have something to work with here. But if you need extensive research or customer support a group that may include many new investors , Robinhood may not be for you. It seems like there must be a catch if a broker is offering free trades, but Robinhood is the real deal.

In October , the broker reported that it had tripled its accounts since to more than 6 million, putting it ahead of E-Trade, one of the most successful online brokerages. Finally, while you may need to type in your bank password to initially transfer money, Robinhood does not store those credentials. But for those who need more research, more investor education or a firmer hand at customer support, Charles Schwab is a fine option.

You can email James here. Dori Zinn is a personal finance journalist who enjoys helping people learn how to manage their money. Wealthfront is one of the leading robo-advisors helping people invest their money. Who should consider Wealthfront?

Some companies have higher fees because they pay a staff of financial advisors. But with robo-advisors, more of your money can go towards your investments.

Since Wealthfront offers low-cost ETFs, your portfolio is instantly diversified. Not putting all your money into one type of asset or company helps to lower your investment risk. The goal is to save over a long period, and diversification is essential to meeting that goal. Various accounts and planning: Wherever you are in your investment goals, Wealthfront has a slew of different options from which to choose. You also have an opportunity to build a financial plan.

While the desktop site is functional enough, you can check in on the app for Apple or Android devices. You can easily track investments and set goals all through your phone. This is a great way to watch all your accounts in one place to see how your investments are performing across the board. Drawbacks of Wealthfront No human advisors: This is nice for some, but not for everyone.

For novice investors, having a human to talk to you about your options can be a significant factor in what type of platform you choose. Fractional shares can help lower the amount of your uninvested cash, optimizing as much money as possible to can to give you the most return.

These are index funds that are widely considered low-risk, even for the most conservative investors. But what if a company like Wealthfront goes bankrupt?

Does your money go away with them? Starting the journey of investing can be overwhelming, and that it might turn you off from it. In this Merrill Edge review, I'll cover what Merrill Edge has to offer, who they're right for, and give you guys some links to the latest Merrill Edge promotions. If you've used Merrill Edge before, please add your own rating and review below. Stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds ETFs. Solid resource centre for learning about tax planning, retirement planning, personal finance and investing, webcasts and eNewsletters.

As of now the bank is working on providing a better platform, in terms of making it more mobile friendly for its clients. While Merrill advisors can be now found at some Bank of America outlets, Merrill is working on increasing this number to 1, by the end of this year.

Apply for an account now. Not the best broker around but does have its advantages. Another big plus of this particular bank is its options research centre that offers a great strategy builder tool and other options-related education for their customers. Just need the basics for your IRA account? Give them a shot. Don't forget, if you've used Merrill Edge before, please help us by adding your rating and review below! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


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