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The revised second edition of the German Dictionary of Regional Language Variants documents approx. 12, words/variants of standard German with limited or particular usage in one nation or region along with their customary German equivalents. The most important was D.R.P.u.A.P. or Deutsches Reich Patent und Ausländische Patente (German and foreing patents): this mark was rarely, if ever, found on edged weapons. The stamp D.R.P., or Deutsches Reich Patent, was the usual internal protection, signifying the grant of.

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In , Christopher Story , known to many as Edward Harle , died mysteriously. Intelligence insiders believe Story was murdered by the DVD. In , he formed his own publishing company specializing in intelligence and founded "World Reports Limited" that year. Story became an economic adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and in , a year after her resignation, he published Soviet Analyst due to his continued skepticism about Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika and the official version of events in the Soviet Union.

Soviet Analyst was a respected journal whose previous editors included Robert Conquest and Tibor Szamuely. Christopher Story, longtime associate of my good friend, Leo Wanta , was an agent of Britain's secret services, something not included in his official biography but true none the less. Story, a respected lecturer on global currency issues and intelligence told of an organization formed during the late s, formed of a coalition between the Bush family in the U.

According to Story, this group which controlled the Federal Reserve in the United States and the majority of the world's central banks served an agenda of world conquest, both overt and covert.

Story cited Hitler as a "puppet" of the organization that would later be called the DVD. Pedophile rings in both the U. It was the decade of the s when the scope of the problem, the infiltration of the highest levels of governments, particularly NATO nations, by large scale organized pedophile rings came to light.

Philpot's film is termed, "The Forgotten Documentary. Wanta's biography, White Swan, Black Hat , tells of his colorful career in counter-intelligence and global finance. Wanta also tells of the open war in Washington, at that time, between those supporting President Reagan and those allied with a European based group, headquartered in the city of Dachau, just north of Munich, the DVD.

While working for Reagan, Wanta accumulated a massive multi-trillion dollar fund intended to end Federal Reserve control of the U. Later Wanta was "extradited" to the State of Wisconsin where he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for "tax evasion," a charge now admittedly fraudulent, almost humorously so.

While the courts have ordered the Wanta funds restored, key DVD fronts have petitioned the courts to act as "trustee" to minimize the impact on "world affairs" with this much capital being placed in the hands of a single individual. What Wanta does confirm is not only the existence of the DVD but that it was seen by President Reagan not only as a very real threat but Reagan also cited the DVD as fully complicit in the assassination attempt by a Bush family friend, John Hinckley.

According to Colonel Hans Rühle above , identified as a probable intelligence asset of an unknown organization, Germany went through decades of deceptions including financing what they claimed to be a desalination plant nowhere near a salinated body of water and a massive "textile" complex that never made a napkin. One was the Dimona reactor , the other a weapons grade plutonium processing facility. According to Rühle, this decades long deception that has brought the world to the brink of war time and time again was done by Germany out of "war guilt.

Bush operated a weapons grade nuclear enrichment facility in South Africa as late as and was implicated in the sale of weapons grade centrifuges to Libya. As with the German "war guilt" motive, the "Pearl Harbor" motive is both insubstantial and overly convenient. The Army's Chief of Staff General Franz Halder in a directive declared that in the event of guerrilla attacks, German troops were to impose "collective measures of force" by massacring entire villages.

Partisan fighters, Jews, and Communists became synonymous enemies of the Nazi regime and were hunted down and exterminated by the Einsatzgruppen and Wehrmacht alike, something revealed in numerous field journal entries from German soldiers. While secretly listening to conversations of captured German generals, British officials became aware that the German Army had taken part in the atrocities and mass killing of Jews and were guilty of war crimes.

Taped conversations of soldiers detained as POWs revealed how some of them voluntarily participated in mass executions. The selected males were then marched to fields outside the city, shot with heavy machine guns , and their bodies buried in mass graves.

While the Wehrmacht's prisoner-of-war camps for inmates from the west generally satisfied the humanitarian requirement prescribed by international law, prisoners from Poland which never capitulated and the USSR were incarcerated under significantly worse conditions. Between the launching of Operation Barbarossa in the summer of and the following spring, 2. The Nuremberg Trials of the major war criminals at the end of World War II found that the Wehrmacht was not an inherently criminal organization, but that it had committed crimes in the course of the war.

Several high-ranked members of the Wehrmacht like Wilhelm Keitel and Alfred Jodl were convicted for their involvement in war crimes. Among German historians, the view that the Wehrmacht had participated in wartime atrocities, particularly on the Eastern Front , grew in the late s and the s. In the s, public conception in Germany was influenced by controversial reactions and debates about the exhibition of war crime issues. More recently, the judgement of Nuremberg has come under question.

The Israeli historian Omer Bartov , a leading expert on the Wehrmacht [67] wrote in that the Wehrmacht was a willing instrument of genocide, and that it is untrue that the Wehrmacht was an apolitical, professional fighting force that had only a few "bad apples".

Evans , a leading expert on modern German history, wrote that the Wehrmacht was a genocidal organization. The Nazi revolution was broader than just the Holocaust. Its second goal was to eliminate Slavs from central and eastern Europe and to create a Lebensraum for Aryans. Most of their three million men, from generals to ordinary soldiers, helped exterminate captured Slav soldiers and civilians. This was sometimes cold and deliberate murder of individuals as with Jews , sometimes generalised brutality and neglect.

German soldiers' letters and memoirs reveal their terrible reasoning: Slavs were 'the Asiatic-Bolshevik' horde, an inferior but threatening race. Only a minority of officers and men were Nazi members. Several high-ranking Wehrmacht officers, including Hermann Hoth , Georg von Küchler , Georg-Hans Reinhardt , Karl von Roques , Walter Warlimont and others, were convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the High Command Trial given sentences ranging from time served to life.

German military personnel were ordered to replace the standard military salute with the Hitler salute from this date on. Anton Schmid —a sergeant in the army— helped Jewish men, women, and children escape from the Vilnius ghetto and provided them with forged passports so that they could get to safety.

He was court-martialed and executed as a consequence. Albert Battel , a reserve officer stationed near the Przemysl ghetto, blocked an SS detachment from entering it. He then evacuated up to Jews and their families to the barracks of the local military command, and placed them under his protection.

Wilm Hosenfeld —an army captain in Warsaw—helped, hid, or rescued several Poles, including Jews, in occupied Poland. The Wehrmacht executed only three of its soldiers for rescuing Jews. Following the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht , which went into effect on 8 May , some Wehrmacht units remained active, either independently e.

On 20 September , with Proclamation No. In the mids, tensions of the Cold War led to the creation of separate military forces in the Federal Republic of Germany and the socialist German Democratic Republic. Both organizations employed many former Wehrmacht members, particularly in their formative years, though neither organization considered themselves to be successors to the Wehrmacht. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For more guidance, see Wikipedia: For the band, see Wehrmacht band. The Wehrmacht's emblem, the straight-armed Balkenkreuz beam-cross , a stylized version of the Iron Cross seen in varying proportions first used in March Nazism and the Wehrmacht and German re-armament. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Blockade of Germany — German casualties in World War II. German mistreatment of Soviet prisoners of war. Reasserted in Proclamation No. See the Wiktionary article for more information. Unpatriotic History of the Second World War. Allied Control Authority a.

Allied Control Authority b. The Eastern Front, — German Troops and the Barbarisation of Warfare. Soldiers, Nazis, and War in the Third Reich. Germany's War and the Holocaust: Bergen, Doris September Christ Is Our Strength! In Bartov, Omer; Mack, Phyllis. Genocide and Religion in the Twentieth Century. Russian Emigrants as Interpreters in the Wehrmacht". The Journal of Slavic Military Studies. Anatomie des SS-Staates Vol. Die Wehrmacht in Polen in German. German Infantry Handbook, — Organization, Uniforms, Weapons, Equipment, and Operations.

Battle of the Bulge. The German Air Force, — An Anatomy of Failure. Oxford and New York: Europe at War — RGB1 , I, no. The Third Reich at War. Henry Holt and Company. Teheran - Jalta - Potsdam. Verlag Wissenschaft und Politik. The Implementation of Mass Murder vol. The Wehrmacht, the War and the Holocaust". In Berenbaum, Michael; Peck, Abraham. In Erickson, Ljubica; Erickson, Mark. We admit that we have not fully unraveled this theory which we believe has merit.

This theory means that the United States has been the target of destruction all along since World War 1. Through the use of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, the United States would sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind in the mother of all blowbacks. The imperial, rapacious United States, under the aegis of the British, Jews, and Germans, will see the final destruction of this country.

The British did not like being upstaged, and the Jews hate anything remotely associated with Christianity. The Germans for their parts did not appreciate the horrific fire bombings, the Holocaust lies, and the mass murder of their people by Eisenhower.

And thus politics makes strange bedfellows. What a tangled web we weave indeed. We shall return to this thesis as more evidence comes in. At the very least, George Washington's advice to avoid foreign entanglements was all too sage.

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Overview Documents the origins, dissemination, and meanings of approx. In February , the Defence Minister Werner von Blomberg , acting on his own initiative, had all of the Jews serving in the Reichswehr given an automatic and immediate dishonorable discharge.

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The University Press of Kentucky. The fleet was to consist of at most six battleships , six cruisers , and twelve destroyers.

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