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There is currently a push to persuade the Canadian government to grant him and his family political asylum. Besides, personally lang din naman po. Fixed income stock po siya. Research na lang din po kayo more about it. Nice suggestion Joey, but preferred shares price are higher than the common right? I checked DD, its almost doubled on its preferred, lahat ba ng preferred ganon? And normally ilang percent higher ang div ng preferred compared sa common?

All stock markets are affected by the Brexit, not only the PSE. UK is a big market and things will be uncertain with its economy, that will give impact to other countries including ours. Good day and thank you. More power, more inspirational blog and tips! CPG has been idle for long time so we decided to remove it from our list here. Moreover, our sources had not given enough data and updates for CPG. We have to let it go and break up with CPG for now.

Pero dito po sa undervalued stock, ang action po is to stop buying. The strategy for B5 stocks is different with the strategy of the above stocks here. Please read the strategy about the specific stock picks list. They are usually discussed in the article. But I am looking to get stocks that is good for flipping. Where do you usually check the prices of the stocks you have? Also, once you place the stock for sale, is the price fixed once you place it on sale or the prices change until someone buys it?

Hi, I have financial sources from the values we share here. Please see our Reference page to learn more. I update the values daily and I get most of financial info weekly. I bought VLL when it was still high. My average cost now is 6. I was planning to cut loss and sell VLL when loss is not that big anymore. What would you do if you were me? So the best option now is to continue buying to lower my average cost and sell when its time for reaping?

Thank you for the replies Ms. Hi, What happened to DD stocks? Why the big plunge when there are people buying stocks at higher prices? Yung mga unang buyers po ng stocks at a lower price satisfied na sa gain ng stock nila kaya binenta na po, leading to a stock plunge. But upon checking sa bloomberg they are in a downward trend starting January with a price as high as 11 per stock compared to right now which is at 2. Will we be seeing an increase in the following months?

Slow growth for property sector this year. If you want to go safe, buy in the banking sector. Well base on the latest RSi if we use 14 period the RSI is 35 33 34 in june 15, 16 and 17 based on my computation.

Last quarter report, SSI net income decreased and some stores might close. Ask ko lng po if ok mag invest sa IMP ngaun? My alam po ba kaung fb group.. Ano pong masasabi nyo sa SSI stock? May pagasa po bang umangat ito? Bumili po kasi ako nito ng 3 pesos last week, tapos ngayon 2. Net Income is not good last quarter and no sign of reversal. Too many competition in Consumer Sector. This might grow next year when they start adding stores.

This might go down to 2. Do you have any plans on including MCP melco crown ph on your list? I wish to buy some shares but unless confirmed by a trusted and experienced investor of its potential I am unsure as I have no basis of its growth, its target price and all. Hoping you can help. Add this is in your watchlist. Do you think this is positive news for VLL stocks?

Also in a recent Rappler article, Manny Villar said federalism is expected to benefit property firms should presumptive president Digong make it happen during his term. Shall I continue to Purchase more from this? My target for this is for Long Term years. Kudos to you Ms. I have learned a lot from reading your guide about stock market, especially for a beginner like me. It is really worth the time reading your article. Hoping to read more articles about stock market.

Again, thank you and God bless. I agree with Miguel. I repeat, we have a Target Price here not Target Date. We are into long term investing although some of the stocks we flip can achieve their target in few months depending on the market.

We can never predict the market. I bought FPH when it hits on its lowest price in january Now FPH is 70 per share. If i keep buying FPH until it reach its BuyBelowPrice which is with my monthly budget 20k a month i will making a lot of profit. What do u think? I guess it is best to diversify your money. Try to buy stocks na very cheap like cpg, in your 20k makkbili kna ng madme and who knows bka yang current price na. I bought k shares last week with the current price of.

Thank you for your blog. Though I just discovered this site just today. These stocks are not currently performing well, but is it possible that it will still get higher? Do you think we still buy shares from them? Fehl, since Col is already offering mutual funds. Is there any chance you can also provide which funds to buy? Hindi po napepredict ang stock market: I actually have some stocks for ilang months na din.

I am an avid fan of your site.. Thank God for someone like you who is willing to share all your knowledge to others.. Now it is trading way below at 5. Sa tingin nyo po ba dapat ko ng ibenta to stop loss? I have shares ng nasabing stocks. How did you come up with your computation of Buy Below Price? This would help us all newbie here on buying the correct price.. I already asked the same question, I think a month ago.

Did I understand it right. The question next is the TP? Is their a certain formula in getting the TP? Base po sa aking observation, tinatakda po ata nila yung TP according sa mga past peak price na naabot ng isang company.. Good day mam, A newbie here. I am looking into long time investment in stocks, just confused noob here, is stock flipping considered a strategy only but still long lime investment?

I am with COL financial, , i am afraid that when doing flipping, of stocks my gains will just go the the fees and charges of my broker….

The fees and charges of your broker is minimal. You dont need to worry about it as long as you are not an intraday trader. Flipping is not for long term. You can combine stock averagng and flipping if you think it is safer. Well, how about that? For the first time since I started doing stock market in August of last year, CEB finally turns green on my portfolio!

Fehl, you are a genius. So, thank you again. I probably will wake up Monday and see CEB on the red again. I started with Sunlife Mutual Funds as it has lower risks. Reading this site has encouraged me to finally take the risk investing in stocks. May i know how did you start your investment in Sunlife Mutual Fund? I am interested in investing but i dont know how. Hi, we have Mutual Fund guides here: I went thru an agent for the initial investment and enroll at sunlife online.

For the succeeding investments, I transfer fund to their account thru metrobank and upload proof of bank transfer e. They have detailed instruction on their website on how to add investment thru bank transfer.

Last week we had new valuations for TEL and this week we removed it here as it is no longer undervalued. Miss fehl, is it advisable to just invest in these big-time holding firms and not on its subsidiaries? Hello, expected pa po bang tataas ang ALI? Kasi po buy pa rin po ang recommended action kahit na lagpas na syang buy below price.

Be patient and wait to gain some. You can also check out our Dividends page to know when TEL would give out dividends. Nung nagcheck kasi ako parang 98 lang po yung pinakamataas nya? It is flying high na and almost naabutan na niya ang ALI. I think patuloy pa pagtaas nito eh but I dont know what will be the good entry. Sa katulad ko poh na long term investor.

Is it ok toh invest 20yrs — 30yrs? I mean ill invest sa stocks na ganun ka tagal. Khit anong pag ka blue chips ng isang company. Once underlying fundamentals change like earnings. Future of that company is uncertain! Kaya mejo nagugulohan ako at mejo nagdadalawang isip na mag invest sa stocks ng long term na goal is yrs. Salamat mo pa inyong future comments and reply.

I think depende yan sa tao. Before ka naman mag-iinvest may goal and reasons ka na talaga. I flip stocks and I invest for long term. I sold TEL for last Feb 18, Then nagulat ako nagbagsak bigla. Not checking why, bumili agad ako ulit for Then late na ako nagcheck ng dailypik haha. I heard nagdown sila kasi nalugi and matagal pa magcome back, mga 3 years pa? Good day, First time kong bumili ng stocks using BPI trade.

Boom na place yung order ko at naibili yung stocks. My portfolio is on the green again. First time since December. I forgot to change the BBP yesterday due to rush adjustment. Thanks for telling me about the error. May I know why? TEL is also into borrowing billions of funds to refinance debts and support its digital transformation strategy.

TEL is still a great company to invest with, the timing is just not attractive right now. Hi, I bought JFC for early this year. Yes, it might be under Property stocks, but it can be considered as well as Consumer Stock given that consumers tend to shop at SM more if they earn more.

Ask lng poh ako. Sa bpi trade meron din poh ba sila set ka ng price ng e buy or sell mo kahit close ang market? Wala kasing oras mag abang if ooen ang market coz of work. If smph poh ba sa current price niya ngayon na 21ish mejo mahal pa or ok siya bilhin sa 21ish per share? Salamat poh sa sagot. Salamat ng marami sa mga info regarding stocks.

Kasama po yang dalawa na yan sa undervalued stocks ngayon pero ano po sa tingin nyo mas konti ang risk especially ngayon na hindi ganun kastable ang market natin. Sorry gai, i thought there is a stop loss feature in col but i cannot find it, its 1. Magandang guide yung list sa taas…. Personally, para saken ok nman ang mga property sector sa stock market.

Hi, what i know with CPG is they have lot of finishing projects within and So i suggests you buy now. You are buying a discounted price. I am also observing the volume and price this week and it seems the buyers have lot of enthusiasm. Salamat poh sa response. Kung ako sa iyo antayin ko muna bumaba ulit si JFC sa pesos. Para di ka maipit sa level. Haha kung gusto mo magpa ipit kay JFC bili ka sa current price niya petot. Antayin mo lang bumaba, huwag magmadali, volatile pa ang merkado.

There will be competitions in the future with Testra so it can be a risky for long term investment. I think you need to use the BBP for you to get a discount and better annual growth rate.

But rather, yung pera mo mas ok lang ilagay sa iba. Fehl, based on your study and valuations mga ilang months bago ma hit yung TP ng mga undervalued stocks. Hi Fehl just drop a short message to say Thanks for sharing your GOD given talent on this field for a newbie like me. Fehl, First of all, thank you po sa mga reviews at insights na shinashare po ninyo. Great help for us newbies in investing. Nice guide also in what shares to buy. I just read this particular company today and i wonder what is your stand or recommendation for the company Double Dragon properties DD?

Hope you can share your stand for the DD. Fehl, you are very great! As newbie, I have a lot of questions in my mind how the stock market is going on. One of this is, where did they got the open price were the last price sometimes is not the same in the closing price in the previous day.

Anyway, my important question to you Ms. Thank you po, just start learning in stock market. Hulog ka talaga ng langit sa mga katulad naming nagsisimula pa lamang sa stock investing. Pagpalain ka pa nawa ng DIyos. We only recommend them for flipping. You can go to the list of Blue Chips instead.

I bookmarked this page. When I have time I will test this table with real account, it seems very interesting. Do you have some tests with real account that you can share? Hindi ko kasi afford ung subscription sa iba. Pang load na un isang buwan eh. Dyos na bahala sayo. Fehl, thanks for searching you sa blog na ito. Thank you so much.

Hi Ms Fhel Im quite new to your site and i find it very helpful, thanks. Just wondering, how come BDO is not included in your stock pick? Whats the news of BDO? This article is about undervalued stocks. BDO is currently not undervalued that is why it is not included in this list. See separate article for magic 10 stocks where BDO is included. Hi just wanted to ask, everytime the stock price go down, for example I bought it at 5.

Doesnt that mean the price keeps fluctuating rather than increasing to reach the TP? Depends on the type of stock. So, better hold onto it and sell when that time comes if you think PSPC is not worth holding for the long term. It might be better if you asked around before buying, rather than after losing. I can still tolerate the loss… but not seen any light at the end of the tunnel… your honest opinion is really much appreciated. Hi Miss Fehl, first I want say thank you for sharing your knowledge in stock.

I have just started to invest in stock a few months ago and bought a few stocks. I just want ask you what percentage of loss that can be considered tolerable? So far all of the stocks in my portfolio shows a red mark. Thanks a lot, hope you can respond.

I appreciate your reply. Fehl, how often do you update this page? Is it already a good entry point? We update them everyday 3x usually. Clearing your browser cache would help.

TEL is dropping and I think it will likely continue that slope but eventually recover. I have SSI and I bought it 7. Hi ms fehl, 1st time to come across your blog and im glad i did. Thank you sa advice.. Thanks for the reply ms fehl.. You sold at a loss? Two Saudi Arabia projects incur losses; to adversely affect 3Q15 earnings. A day before lumabas yung news nag cut loss na ako. Hello Fehl, I really like the stock updates with its corresponding target price.

I am just wondering on what tool are you using in determining the target price of a certain stock? Hi, unfortunate I did not read much of your comments here about CPG. I went ahead and bought a few of those. Hopefully they could give me gain. Im a newbie and I find your website so helpful.

Overpriced na daw po sya. I bought it at 9. Hope you are doing well. Any thoughts on the downward trend of TEL? Could it be the effect of Telstra coming in soon? They will eventually come up with same cheaper services just like how they did when unli-text came in the market. Hi ms Fehl, Just a newbie here. You can withdraw all your funds and keep the account. If you decide to invest again, you can just deposit money and start buying stocks.

Thanks Chris for the idea. Miss Fhel, i just want to know what are your thoughts bout CEB? We always adjust the values of our picks if we see new reasonable valuations. Tnx for this site, ws convinced to try investng in stocks. Dd my first buy of FPH yestrday, and got my P paper loss minutes after.

Is it advisable to hold it for long term? Thanks a lot in adv. Fehl and thank you for the very informative and helpful blog. Thanks for telling me and sorry about that error. Hi fehl, How would you know if the stocks is undervalued? Do you have any articles related on how to compute the stock fair market value. Swerte mga nag-invest sa DD.. Tama ka sayang nga ang DD para sa mga investor n hindi alam i analyze ang up and down ng stocks.

SBS parang umaariba din. Just imagine you will pay Php The stock is so expensive. Traders are playing with DD. Fehl, How would I know which one among the undervalued are the premium stocks aside from the ones listed in F5 and B5? Fehl, do you have any idea when is the time MER is at its lowest price every month? I am using SAM right now and I want to maximize the potential of my stocks. Good day po Miss Fehl.

Salamat po ng marami for sharing your knowledge about investing. It helps a lot especially sa kagaya ko na beginner lang. I just have one question po sana, among all stocks that I have right now, the only green is Double Dragon. Is it smart and strategic po to sell it and use the funds to buy other BBP stocks? This site has helped me a lot on learning stocks I just started last month investing and trading. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on adding DD on the magic 10 or undervalued stocks.

I bought a cpg at 0. BUt the price now is at 0. I cant see any update on google on pse edge on this company. Do i need to give up cpg and buy to cost average to meg.. If you already have shares, keep them and just sell when you see some gains. I suggest you choose quality stocks more than CPG. Is MEG good stock for long term investment? Do you think its a good catch if I will buy it now, accumulate shares and sell it after few years?

Bless your heart for doing this for us newbies. For me, it is very important to regain my investment cash FAST so I can start making money again…in that respect it is a real winner. All other stocks in my small portfolio are still struggling, not unreasonably, yet, I am about to make some money on X ALREADY, and reinvest in one of the great stragglers you have advised…its like earning twice on the same Peso…Waiting for the USA FED to knock it down again…I will be so happy to be holding X…or cash to buy up X cheap knowing I will get my higher price back again in a week or two ready to earn profits that remain low.

Does it will give me profit even minimum of php2k. As of now, i have a loss on my portfolio. I know that this is normal but may I ask how this can be recovered?

I think this is due to the lower market value of the stocks than how much I was able to buy them. But how does the market value increase? Looking at the market and economic situations right now, it would take more months. Things will climb up but it will be slowly. If you are into value investing, then hold them.

Those are fundamentally goods stocks. Those are in my portfolio as well. I consider stocks as good when they passed my certain criteria for profitability, growth, financial health and valuation. It has commonly hit near 10P…usually around 7. I see it at 10P this spring.

Good day Miss Fehl, You have a very informative blog. I hope you will always make it free for the benefit of everyone especially to your followers like me. My God bless you more.. Major factor is because of Chinese Yuan devaluation and it is not only the Philippines that is affected, even other markets. My advise is buy premium stocks that you think will be first in line to recover once PSEI recovers. Be cautious but always see the brighter side of things. Many companies still have strong fundamentals.

I just would like to know.. Just imagine how many goods are made from China and how many companies rely and import from China. A sharp occurrence like this could slowdown businesses and could panic many businessmen and investors would tighten their belt too. Miss Fhel, hello po. Maam anyare po sa Economia ng Pilipinas? Tumaas naman sya kaso the following day mas malaki pa ibinaba kesa tinaas. Plan ko po kasi to buy this stock, kahit mareach na po nya yong target price ei tutuloy ko lang din yong pag buy….

Many thanks… God Bless. Fehl, bago lang po ako sa stock market, kakaopen pa lang po ng account sa COL financial Starter pero hesitant pa po ako to buy stocks. Ano po kyang stock ang maiaadvise nio to buy? Nice blog,, so far ito yung best blog na nabasa ko regarding stock trading,,, parang TRC na pero libre lang….

Fehl Any news sa FPH? Ang tagal na rin ng downward path nila. SBS is good anyway. But we have to be cautious since it is new base on the statement of Ms. Fehl and still building up the company. I already gained Should I sell it now? ATO orders are accepted after 6: Off-hours orders will be collected on a first come first serve basis, and will be sent to the Exchange for posting on a first in first out basis during pre-open session.

For orders during market activity 9: Fehl i submitted my form in COL investor center yesterday and still waiting for my account number. May I know your advice on which company it is good for short-term investing? Fehl, good day to you. Thank you in advance. Miss Fehl your great giving all this information for free not just like other sites which you have to pay and still lost money in stock aside from the payments esp.

Just by reading the comments and your reply is very informative. Thank you and May the Good Lord Bless you always for what your doing. Just new here, I bought stocks from ALI Ask ko lang po bakit it was reflected as a loss of Meron po ba kayong formula or estimate lang po?

Thanks and hope an answer to my question. Any thoughts of buying stocks on DD? Any thoughts on PXP? Its the first stock that I bought as a newbie a couple of months ago and it seems that its the stock that has no potential of gaining.

I would love to sell it now but I would definitely lose. Nawala po yung AGI?

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